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There are 14,000 subcontracted airport workers in New York and New Jersey who have been fighting for higher wages, benefits and union representation for 3 years. While they provide services to the multi-billion dollar airport industry, subcontracted airport workers have faced safety concerns, unfair labor practices, illegal intimidation and health and safe dangers on the job. They have protested, marched, gone on strike and even gotten arrested to demand better treatment. And they have pledged to continue to fight their contractors, the airlines and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to provide good, family supporting wages, benefits, training, and respect on the job not only for themselves but for all 40,000 airport workers in the region.

Subcontracted airport workers are strong and they have joined with workers from airports across the country, fast food workers and other low wage workers in the Fight for $15. But they also need your help. Raising those at the bottom, raises standards for us all! Sign up to receive updates on the campaign and information about how you can get involved:

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