Oct. 6, 2011

Newark Airport Workers rally for good jobs
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Oct. 18, 2011

Newark Airport Workers Organizing Committee
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Feb. 22, 2012

New Report Finds Many Workers at NYC-Area Airports Make Below-Poverty Wages
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May 16, 2012

Airport Workers On The March For Better Working Conditions
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Dec. 12, 2012

JFK Security Officers Vote to Strike Due to Illegal Intimidation for Spotlighting Lax Passenger Safety Practices
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Jan. 21, 2014

NYC Airport Workers Demand Justice on MLK Day!
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Jan. 29, 2014

Big win for NYC airport workers as Port Authority demands airlines raise worker wages!
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Mar. 20, 2014

Board Votes to Improve Wages and Benefits for Workers Across the Port Authority
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Apr. 4, 2014

Airport Workers and City Leaders March 10 Miles from Kennedy to LaGuardia in Honor of Dr. King’s Dream
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May 14, 2014

Thousands of New York area airports passenger service workers declared that they have chosen 32BJ SEIU as their union.
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June 27, 2014

Airport Workers Meet with Cardinal Dolan
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Sept. 17, 2014

Workers Strike at Kennedy Airport over Unfair Labor Practices, Harrasment and Spying by Airline Contractor
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Sept. 24, 2014

Attorney General Reaches $925K Settlement that Will Give Major Pay Raises to 40 JFK Airport Skycaps
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Oct. 3, 2014

NYCOSH Report: NY Airport Workers Face Serious Health and Safety Hazards; Implications for Passengers
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Oct. 9, 2014

Airline Cabin Cleaners Strike Over Ebola Exposure Fears
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Nov. 18, 2014

Airport workers claim to be victims of subcontractor wage rip-offs
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Jan. 14, 2015

1,000 Airport Workers March on LaGuardia for MLK’s Birthday
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May 28, 2015

Hundreds of airport workers rallied in front of The Port Authority Board Meeting
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July 21, 2015

Workers call off strike at LaGuardia, JFK airports after employer says it will stay neutral on union membership
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Nov. 18, 2015

Contracted airport workers from major airports in Chicago, Boston, New York City, Newark, Philadelphia, and Fort Lauderdale launched a strike for their families.
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Jan. 18, 2016

On MLK Day, workers at major US airports engaged in large-scale civil disobedience.
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Mar. 31, 2016

Workers at JFK and nine other major airports went on strike.
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Airport Workers Utd Airport Workers Utd @GoodAirports And we need your voices, @rosieperezbklyn, to get louder Too many folks still drinking the kool-aid #PovertyDoesntFly #UnfriendlySkies 5 minutes ago
Union Solidarity Union Solidarity @UnionSolidarity RT @GoodAirports: There's $$ to pay workers fairly, you just have to believe people are more important than profit #PovertyDoesntFly #Unfri 22 minutes ago
L Mac L Mac @lmac2017 RT @AmyMTraub: Transportation hubs should not be sweatshops! I'm proud @Demos_Org will honor @figue32bj on May 31 #PovertyDoesntFly https:/… 1 hour ago
L Mac L Mac @lmac2017 RT @devonweber: Subcontracted workers at @PANYNJ deserve fair wages, benefits and a union @32BJSEIU #povertydoesntfly https://t.co/MQ57al5p 1 hour ago
Stan Huff Posts Stan Huff Posts @Tyroist RT @32BJSEIU: Speaking truth to power! @CoryBooker : "It is unAmerican to pay workers poverty wages" #EWR #povertydoesntfly https://t.co/hF 1 hour ago
L Mac L Mac @lmac2017 RT @GoodAirports: We are fighting to fix it Strong allies like @MaxineWaters give us even more strength Thank you! #PovertyDoesntFly #Unfri 1 hour ago
L Mac L Mac @lmac2017 RT @GoodAirports: We R hammering back the greed that tried to hold us down We R in the good fight, Justice will prevail #PovertyDoesntFly #… 1 hour ago
Rick LeBlanc Rick LeBlanc @RickAcadie RT @32BJSEIU: Speaking truth to power! @CoryBooker : "It is unAmerican to pay workers poverty wages" #EWR #povertydoesntfly https://t.co/hF 1 hour ago
L Mac L Mac @lmac2017 RT @GoodAirports: 3 generations of underpaid workers, 1 airport & @United is amassing Billions in profit! #PovertyDoesntFly #UnfriendlySkies 1 hour ago
L Mac L Mac @lmac2017 RT @GoodAirports: Full-time workers without a home Airlines like @United have billions in profit #PovertyDoesntFly #UnfirendlySkies https:/… 1 hour ago
L Mac L Mac @lmac2017 RT @32BJSEIU: We are ready for the #fightfor15 and to make sure #povertydoesntfly in NJ & everywhere! https://t.co/De1TodETLN 1 hour ago
L Mac L Mac @lmac2017 RT @GoodAirports: We are together in this struggle We demand justice for all #PovertyDoesntFly #UnfriendlySkies https://t.co/CA7cMcChRQ 1 hour ago